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Ballad of Kevin Lynch

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Ballad of Kevin Lynch - words and music by Tony O Hara

Twas in the summer of '76 in a County Derry Town
A British hunting party went raiding around
to gather more for hostage, to lock some more away
for daring at rebellion, they came to make them pay

To Castlereagh they took to torture day and night
to try to force confessions they denied them human rights
They done all to break them, and make their struggle wrong
But with defiance in his eyes, one young man stood strong


I'm so proud to serve my cause, for you I have no fear
I will not bend, I will now bow, your lies I do not hear
I'm Irish and Gaelic, and my spirits free
I'm proud of my Nation, you will not break me

Sentenced in a Diplock court, to H Block thay made him go
Naked but for a blanket, the years passed so slow
Entombed and forgotten, and tortured at their glee
To Criminalise a struggle, but these men would not yield

for 5 longs years they suffered, all that thay could give
with Comrades nine decided, no longer would they live
deprived of all necessities, they took a final stand
and behind them a country came as a hunger strike began

Chorus 2

I grieve with sorrow for my friends who before me passed away
I will not bend I will not bow as my life it now fades
I'm Irish and Gaelic, and my spirits free
Farewell to you my family , Dungiven, Derry

Kieran Doherty

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Aug 2nd Commemorates the 30th anniversary of the death of IRA volunteer Kieran Doherty. A strong and dedicated freedom fighter.

Kevin Lynch

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Aug 1st Commemorates the 30th anniversary of the death of INLA volunteer Kevin Lynch on hunger strike.

The ballad of Kevin Lynch on the Memories of a Hunger Strike CD has a chorus that sums Kevin up!

'' I'm Irish and Gaelic and my Spirits free. I'm proud of my nation. You will not break me''.

Hunger Strikers families and Ex -Blanketmen call for prisoner release

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Blanketmen join call for prisoner's release

A hunger protest is being staged in west Belfast in a last-ditch attempt to secure the release of Maghaberry prisoner Brendan Lillis, who is suffering from a debilitating illness. The 59-year-old has been confined to a bed in the high-security prison's hospital wing for 600 days, as his health deteriorates due to the arthritic condition ankylosing spondylitis.

Families of those involved in the 1981 hunger strike - including the family of Bobby Sands - have called for Mr Lillis' immediate release.

"On 20th August 1981, Michael Devine died in prison - the last of ten republican prisoners to die in the Hunger Strike," a joint statement read.

"Today, nearly thirty years later, another republican Brendan Lillis is dying in Maghaberry Prison because of the same refusal of government authorities to govern with humanity, compassion, respect for human dignity and in compliance with International Human Rights standards and obligations.

"Brendan is not on hunger strike. He is being denied appropriate medical care he needs to survive."

Mr Lillis' partner Roisin Allsopp has now been joined by former Blanketmen and other supporters at a protest at the site of the old Andersonstown Barracks.

They're going on hunger strike for three days over Mr Lillis still being held in jail, despite having been ruled too ill to stand trial over an alleged tiger kidnapping in 2009.

When Mr Lillis was arrested as a suspect in the case, he broke the terms of his early release licence and was returned to jail - he had served 17 years of his sentence for explosives charges, but was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

His partner told UTV the charges against him had been shelved in February.

"He is not a danger to anybody," Ms Allsopp said. "If they wanted their pound of flesh, I can tell you, they've got it."

We in the HSCOM add our voices in calling for his immediate release


Martin Hurson

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We remember with pride Martin Hurson who died on July 13th 1981.

Joe Mc Donnell

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In the coming week we will remember Joe McDonnell who died on July 8th, 1981. The 5th hunger striker to give his life.

One of our founding members , Tony O Hara remembers : '' I was in the same wing in H Block 5 with Joe during the Blanket and No Wash protests. Joe was the life and soul of the wing, always joking and having fun that kept the morale high. Apart from the craic, Joe was a staunch Republican.And when volunteers were being sought to take part in The Hunger Strike. No-one was surprised that Joe Volunteered. His steadfast determination to continue the protest, even after his Comrade and Friend Bobby Sands died, was an inspiration to us all''.

For more information please visit : Here

Patsy O Hara Commemoration report

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This is the link to the Derry Journal report of the Patsy O Hara commemoration held on Sat 21st May.

It failed to mention that Members of the other Hunger Striker families  attended despite the torrental rain and strong winds.

Patsy O Hara Commemoration

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A march will take place on the 21st of May to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of Irish Republican Socialist Hunger Strike Patsy O Hara. March starts @ 2pm from Ardfoyle to the city cementary. Organised by the IRSP. Everyone welcome

Patsy O Hara remembered evening

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Patsy O Hara remembered will take place at the Castle bar Derry on Friday 20th @

music by Dano and guests